Automatic statistical analysis of quantified multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) products

Note: This page is preserved for historical reasons. Since the autumn of 2015 our use of RH-MLPA-Analysis.mdb has been replaced by Coffalyser.Net ( I.e we have thus stopped maintaining RH-MLPA-Analysis.mdb.

The software is developed for analysing MLPA ( DNA fragment analysis data generated on an ABI Genetic Analyser (e.g. ABI 3100) and sized to standard fragment lengths by GeneScan, GeneMapper or Peak Scanner.
The automatic diagnosis and the sample quality evaluation made by the software are only intended to assist in making diagnosis, i.e. we cannot warrant for its usefulness, and we make no warranty to the use or performance of the software.

Example (pdf-format) illustrating analysis of a trisomy 21 by MLPA P095-A2

Many examples (pdf-format) of data analysis done by RH-MLPA-analysis.mdb

Download free software for data analysis of MLPA products

Currently it handles these MRC MLPA probe sets: P021, P023, P026B, P033, P036B, P036D, P036-E1, P064B, P064-B2, P069, P069-A2, P095, P095-A2, P105-C1, P208-B1, P230-B1, P245, P245-A2, P264-A1, P277-A1, P286-A1, P291-A1. Examples to analyse are included for each of the mentioned probe sets.
Requires Microsoft Access 2000 or higher.
Latest version is 5.21 - 12 March 2010


Instructions for running the demo examples (pdf)
Detailed description of the analysis result sheets - exemplified by the P095-A2 kit (pdf)
Instructions for analysing GeneMapper data (pdf)
Instructions for analysing Peak Scanner data, see the demo samples instructions (pdf)
Instructions for analysing GeneScan data and to install/uninstall ABI-ExportTabularData (pdf)
Instructions for training RH-MLPA-Analysis for your own data (pdf)

Publications regarding our use of MLPA kits

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