Download of RH-MLPA-Analysis for analysis of MLPA products

Note: This page is preserved for historical reasons. Since the autumn of 2015 our use of RH-MLPA-Analysis.mdb has been replaced by Coffalyser.Net ( I.e we have thus stopped maintaining RH-MLPA-Analysis.mdb.

The program "RH-MLPA-Analysis.mdb" analyses and prints a report of one or optional all samples of a run on basis of the samples analysed by GeneScan, GeneMapper or Peak Scanner.
The program requires Microsoft Access 2000 or higher, and currently it handles these MRC MLPA probe sets: P021, P023, P026B, P033, P036B, P036D, P036-E1, P064B, P064-B2, P069, P069-A2, P095, P095-A2, P105-C1, P208-B1, P230-B1, P245, P245-A2, P264-A1, P277-A1, P286-A1, P291-A1.

The program and example data folders for each probe set are packed into "".
After unpacking the folder, it has to be placed into the C-drive as "C:\RH-MLPA-v521", otherwise the examples for each probe set cannot be run without you modify the initial settings of folder paths etc. With this system you can download new versions and still use the old versions that each has a unique folder name.

Download the zipped folder RH-MLPA-v521 (analysis program and examples to analyse)

Note: The automatic diagnosis and sample quality evaluation made by the software is only intended to assist in making diagnosis, i.e. we cannot warrant for its usefulness, and we make no warranty to the use or performance of the software.

Version RH-MLPA-v521:
    - Probe sets P064-B2, P095-A2, P105-C1, P245-A2, P208-B1, P230-B1, P249, P264-A1, P277-A1, P286-A1, P291-A1 are added
    - The analysis process is now streamlined to work with exported GeneMapper data
Version RH-MLPA-v511:
    - Probe set P036-E1 is added
    - Quality evaluation of DNA denaturation control fragments (D-fragments) is improved
    - The limits (<0.60 or >1.35) for suggesting individual 'abnormal' probe areas are changed to (<0.65 or >1.3).
Version RH-MLPA-v505:
   For P095 the program now gives warnings of potential mosaicism for these situations of significant ratios:
    - Ratio is higher than 0.7 when a ratio of 0.5 is expected
    - Ratio is less than 1.3 when a ratio of 1.5 is expected
    - Ratio is less than 1.8 when a ratio of 2.0 is expected

Instructions and analysis examples (pdf-format): See the main download page

Old versions:
Download the zipped folder RH-MLPA-v511 (analysis program and examples to analyse)
Download the zipped folder RH-MLPA-v505 (analysis program and examples to analyse)
Download the zipped folder RH-MLPA-v501 (analysis program and examples to analyse)
Download the zipped folder RH-MLPA-v487 (analysis program and examples to analyse) -> MLPA -> Download -> Download RH-MLPA-Analysis