Our cytogenetic laboratory did until Nowember 2006 offer High Resolution CGH analysis (HR-CGH) as a routine analysis,
but nowadays our use of HR-CGH has been replaced by array-CGH (currently the Oligo aCGH platform by Agilent Technologies).

All the old HR-CGH pages are preserved for historical reasons, and at that time we did the following services:

Indications for HR-CGH are listed in HR-CGH in clinical cytogenetics.
A reference form is available here. (Download directly to disk by doing a right click on the link and select "Save link as" or "Save destination as", depending on the browser you use).

The cost of a HR-CGH analysis is 1000 Euro (EUR). The result of a HR-CGH analysis is provided in 1-2 month. Under special circumstances a result may be provided in a few weeks.

To order a HR-CGH analysis please contact Maria Kirchhoff (office phone: +45 3545 4857; e-mail:, then print and fill in the reference form (see above) and send it along with

  1. 2-5 ml heparinised blood or EDTA blood (newborns 1.5 ml) or
  2. 10 micro gram DNA



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