The CGH-group is a section of the Cytogenetic Laboratory, Department of Clinical Genetics at the Juliane Marie Center of Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark.

The CGH-group has developed the high resolution CGH technique (see HR-CGH) which is applied for research and routine purpose:

Research: Experiments have demonstrated that:

  1. By HR-CGH deletions down to 3 Mb can be detected (Kirchhoff et al., 1999a).
  2. By HR-CGH microdeletions and duplications can be detected in dysmorphic and mentally retarded individuals with normal or apparently balanced karyotypes (Kirchhoff et al., 2000; Kirchhoff et al., 2001).
  3. HR-CGH detects a high number of small imbalances in various tumors e.g., (Kirchhoff et al., 1999b).

Routine: The HR-CGH technique is currently offered on a routine payment basis primarily for dysmorphic and mentally retarded individuals (see HR-CGH in clinical cytogenetics).

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